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    POWER CELL is a pioneering company founded by enthusiasts of ecology and isolation techniques, convinced that "the economy is best to avoid spending our resources. "

    So we fit very clearly in the industry own recycling.

    We are located in Tunisia because of important agreements with groups of national and international media that we get the unsold returns, and it is this resource that we own to make reuse through a production line using the best European equipment, insulation among the most efficient thermal and sound insulation.

    To serve you better we have established a distribution platform in the south of France.

  • Cellulose wadding

    Technical solutions market booming, cellulose wadding is an insulating material from waste newsprint non-distributed, crushed and kneaded. It arises by four techniques.

    Appeared in France some twenty years, but made ​​since the thirties in the United States and Canada, cellulose wadding is an alternative to mineral fibers do not pose a risk to health.

    It comes in bulk or since November 2009 in France, in the form of semi-rigid panels. Its thermal properties (it can achieve high thermal performance with R from July to August), its ability to heat phase (9-12 h) and its manufacturing process are an insulation material having a better quality reports technical, environmental and cost.

    Good thermal inertia

    Breathable, cellulose wadding absorbs up to 30% moisture. Stabilized by incorporation of additives (borax *), it is insect resistant, flame retardant, and antifungal.

    Cellulose wadding has a thermal mass with a good coefficient of thermal conductivity of from 0.038 to 0.043 W / mK, when loose. And 0.039 in the form of panels. The sound level, it allows a sound reduction of 20 to 30 decibels. These performances vary depending on the installation method: blow, injection, wet spraying, or panels.

    Its density is a function of the mode of application. It can vary between 30 kg/m3 and 60 kg/m3, we must consider a packing rate estimated 10 to 20% depending on the thickness applied (25 to 40 cm), more than ten years. Sustainability can reach more than fifty years.

    The cost of buying a machine to blow between 4 500 and 10 000 euros.

    * Note: The borax is a natural product extracted from open pits. Repellent against wood-boring insects, it prevents the formation of fungi and rot makes wadding.

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