Natural fireproof insulation

Natural insulation fireproof insulation-based cellulose

If Europe is to meet its goal of reducing emissions and energy consumption by at least 20% by 2020, it must address the issue of sustainability of current methods of construction, to implement a sector the most ecological construction. The cellulose insulation is a good example. Insulation products untreated cellulose are flammable, making them much more perfermants in terms of fire safety! Treat them with the appropriate type of fire retardant formula overcomes this disadvantage and to compete with other insulation materials (such as insulation products based on minerals)


EcoChem is emerging as a major challenger in the development, production and marketing of flame retardant additives with or without boron for all types of applications in natural thermal insulation material and cellulose: wood fiber insulation, recycled paper fibers, flax fibers, etc.. Our friendly flame retardants are added to the environment in solid or liquid form. We sell products for natural fireproof insulation meets all European and international standards materials. for testing full-scale production.


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