Insulation Cellulose Wadding

 Composed of cellulose wadding , POWER CELL is the thermal insulation and sound par excellence.

Insulators , cotton cellulose is derived from recycled paper , and therefore by extension timber . POWER CELL also has excellent thermal storage capacity , and is particularly effective loft insulation to block the summer heat .

In soundproofing , POWER CELL allows acoustic correction up to 68 decibels. Ideal performance for insulating walls and interior partitions.

 Why insulate the walls ?

In a home, the second source of loss of temperature after the roof from a poorly insulated walls !

To improve the comfort of your home so you have to rely on high-performance insulation that effectively reduce thermal bridges. The interior insulation : simple and inexpensive.

The installation of an internal insulation for the walls of a house is quite simple realization : most of the time, it can be done yourself!

This solution is also the most economical and therefore has a very good performance : investment in thermal insulation inside is quickly amortized.

 Why choose an interior insulation ?

Easy to implement this type of insulation is more effective , it is set up during the construction of the building.

Renovation installing an indoor wall insulation is very effective but causes a slight reduction in the surface of the parts .

Insulation of floors .

More comfort with a well insulated floor

Thermal comfort and acoustic comfort , good insulation of floors of a dwelling is essential to quality of life and is a source of value for your home.

 On thermally , a poorly insulated floor is responsible for loss of temperature and is also a cause of thermal bridges ! Added to this , poor insulation of floors between floors promotes the propagation of sound waves : a discomfort that can quickly disappear with good sound insulation .

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